FDA Approved Infrared Thermometer Gun

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This infrared device is intended to measure the body temperature of children or adults, without coming into contact with the body directly. This is done by placing the thermometer 3cm to 5cm from the forehead, and taking a reading. CFDA & FDA Approved.

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  • Touch-free measurement

  • One-Second Reading 

  • Fever alarm

  • Sleek, handheld design

  • Measures Body Temperature 3-5cm From Forehead from 32 to 42 degrees celsius.

  • Audio Alarm ≥ =38°C

  • Auto Off ≤ 30 Sec

  • 32 Temperature Memory

  • Dimension: 150mm X 37mm X 16.3mm

  • No batteries included - requires two AA batteries
  • 12-month Warranty