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Over 1 400 Wiggle Bees Sold!


Help Students Stay Focused In Class With

T H E  W I G G L E - B E E

The Revolutionary ADHD Sensory Air Cushion is now available in South Africa!

Wobble Chair, Wiggle Seat/Wedge, Wiggle Pillow or Wiggle/Wiggly Cushion; but we call it

Wiggle Bee!

  • Helps your child stay calm and focused while sitting in class or while working at home.
  • Activates trunk muscles to encourage "active sitting" and supports the spine.
  • Free handheld pump included in box to adjust air pressure in wiggle bee to suit your preference.
  • Wiggle Bee Seats have become popular with teachers and parents alike for their ability to calm the restless child. Teachers love them for the calming effect they can have on children, even improving behavior for ADHD and autistic children.
  • These therapy cushions will help students concentrate and learn to their maximum potential.

We are proud to announce that we are taking the Wiggle Bee to the next level. We are currently partnering with over 22 schools to roll it out to the foundation phases. 

Schools currently participating:

Springvale Primary School

Cornwall Hill

Centurion Montessori

Carlswald House Preparatory

Moo Moo Irene

Little Oak

Carlswald House Preparatory

Laerskool Elarduspark

Buccleuch Montessori

MC Kharbai

Parklands College

Laerskool PTA Oos

Laerskool Wierdapark

Hoërskool Zwartkop

Jiswa School 

Montana Kleuterskool

Vhalliespark Primary School

Pretoria School CP Learners

Randburg Clinic Autism School

OT Solutions (Namibia)

Gordon Road Girls School

Trinityhouse Little Falls

345 Nursery Schools

Testimonials from South Africa:
Candice (Mother)
"Improved Concentration! 
The Wiggle-Bee is perfect for my daughter, improved her ability to sit for longer periods of time while doing homework."
Marie (Mother of 2)
"Wiggle - Bee Seat 
I bought 2 wiggle-bee seats for my two boys who were diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). The youngest shows great improvement using this seat. The eldest has to use it in conjunction with a weighted vest. The teacher at after-care asked if she could try it on a little girl that cannot sit still and concentrate. A miracle! The little girl told me the other day that this seat helps her to sit still and concentrate and do her work! This is an amazing product!"
Lettie (Mother)
"Great Product!
I got this for my son who is in the first grade, he had some issues sitting still and concentrating while writing and math assignments. This has made a huge difference for him, his teacher right away noticed he was better able to concentrate and his writing and math have improved already because of the Wiggle Bee."
Local Centurion Occupational Therapist
“Most of the kids that come my path need a Wiggle Bee. I like them a lot! Every child that I recommended the wiggle seat to, has definitely benefitted as a result. Their concentration levels improved; they’re less fidgety, also they were not a distraction to the rest of the class. Some children even have two, one for school and one for home.”
Mrs Clark (School Teacher)                                                      
“When the seats arrived many teachers were impressed at the impact they made. Many of the other teachers have tried using some of my seats with students who are having a hard time concentrating. It has been such a great success, that our principal is now going to order some more wiggle bees for our school, so that every child who needs one will have access to one.”

 Daniele W. (Mother from Centurion Area)

"Wiggle Bee for me and ME and meeee! 
We recently purchased the wiggle bee - wiggle seat and the results have been so great. Busy little bums are getting the chance to wiggle and concentrate at the same time. Thank you ineedgadgets! Apart from quality service, your product is also amazing."
Annemie (Mother from Silverton)
"My 5 year olds teacher told me about the Wiggle-Bee. Thought it could do no harm in trying! Everything looks good and delivery was fast!! Thank you."
Maree (Mother from Centurion)
"Thank you so much! I found the wiggle bee online after my daughter drove me mad, she had seen them at school. I was so impressed with iNeedGadgets, I ordered the one day and the next day my parcel arrived, my daughter was so excited!!!!!"
Liana (Mother from Witbank)
"This is an great invention for kids, my daughter enjoys her Wiggle-Bee!"
Debbie A (Mother from Sandton)
"Best customer service I've ever experienced with an online store. Tevin and his team are on the ball and always ready to help. To add to that, my little boy loves his Wiggle Bee!"

Lizette S. (Mother from Muldersdrift Area)

"Our daughter (5) has a severe concentration problem to the point where the school has asked us to seek professional aid. The Doc recommended something like the Wiggle Seat and we ordered it. Wow... what a difference it has made! The teacher was impressed also, saying it has transformed our little girl almost instantly. She's more focused in class and even came home at the end of the first week with a silly poem memorized which has never happened before. I definitely endorse this solution. In fact, I'm ordering a second one to keep at home. :)"

Kirsten W. (Teacher)

"I am so excited to see the positive effect using these in my classroom."


Jessica M. (Head of Department: Foundation Phase - Grade 2 Teacher)

"Thanks so much. Our wiggle bee cushions are our one of our favorite seating options at our school the kids really love them.
Rob W. (Father)
We're really happy with the Wiggle Bee, as it has helped our son with SPD improve his concentration at school."


1 X 32cm Wiggle-Bee Seat

1 X Nozzle (Pump not included)

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