The Wiggle Bee Monkee-Hands

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Using your tablet in bed: 

Option 1 – Cant find a comfortable position?

Option 2 - Arms getting tired of holding the tablet?

Option 3 – Tablet getting too heavy?



Mount your tablet onto this universal stand so you can comfortably read books or watch movies and videos in bed or on the sofa.


Product Features:

Compatible with all iPad/iPhone models

Along with most tablets and e-reader models less than 13mm thick.

Flexible construction

Monkey Hands has 4 flexible legs let you wrap, bend and curl the base to position your device at eye level for comfortable viewing. 

Modular design

Allows you to fold the durable stand for easy portability.


Special rotor design provides 4 options of slot width for your devices. Elastic strap keeps tablets and smartphones securely mounted and immobile.